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Title: ANANOUN KIRKE (In Armenian)
Date of publication: 1984, self published with anonymous sponsors, Beirut, Lebanon.


Considered by many Diasporan Armenian cultural critics including Vahe Oshagan as one of the most important books of Armenian literature in the last decades of the 20th century, this highly experimental and innovative book of prose and poetry coauthored by Hraztan Zeitlian, Mher Karakachian and Sevag Ardzrouni, engendered a whole cultural movement in the Armenian youth of Lebanon, the New Literature movement (Nor Kraganoutyun).

Designed as an art object in its own right, the book includes avant garde graphics and a fold-out poster.

Title: REH (In Armenian with English fragments)
Date of publication: 1994, Hraztan Sarkis Zeitlian Publications, Los Angeles, California, USA


Recognized by famed Armenian diasporan critic Vahe Oshagan as one of the most influential books of contemporary Armenian prose, REH is Hraztan Zeitlian’s essential contribution to Armenian poetic prose, where he set out to both revolutionize and rejuvenate Armenian writing and at the same time to provocatively rethink the role of the Armenian author in the Diaspora.

Designed as an art object in the manner of Ananoun Kirke, the book contains avant garde graphic design, theoretical statements and artistic illustrations and photography by the author.

Title: “Political Writings: Toward the development of the Ideology of Independent Armenian Statehood”; (1994) (In Armenian with English section)
Date of publication: 1994, Hraztan Sarkis Zeitlian Publications, Los Angeles, California, USA


This book proposes a new orientation and new approaches in the formulation of Armenian National goals. This book is a highly polemical compilation of political analytical articles and critical studies written throughout the crucial 1983-1994 period of Armenian History. The central focus of the book is the Second Armenian Revolution which made possible the reestablishment of the second Armenian Republic and contributed to the fall of the Soviet Russian Empire. The book analyses the reemergence of Armenian Independent Statehood and the new strategic horizons that the establishment of a strong statehood opens for the Armenian nation.

Title: Semiotext(e)/ARCHITECTURE. Hraztan Zeitlian, Editor and designer.
Date of publication: 1992, Semiotext(e) Publications, New York.


This critically acclaimed book is a radical attempt to design theory and write architecture. This book displays graphic, formal or technologically mediated methods to develop advanced theory, and, at the same time, is an attempt to use writing as a way to develop advanced architecture. The attempt here was to show that a refocused emphasis on the material presentation of advanced theory produced new multiplied architectural meanings, in order to argue for an expansion and liberation of the graphic, formal or technologically mediated methods of pursuing experimental theory in design. A new relationship of agencing between design and design theory is suggested here: Theory has a material condition in its writing and designed objects do engender multiple meanings.

The book is a collection of highly layered and graphically complex projects, specifically designed for appearing in Semiotext(e)/Architecture, by collaborative teams of architectural and design firms, design theoreticians, filmmakers, etc. Collaborators included: Thom Mayne, Angélil/Graham, Diller+Scofidio, Hani Rashid, Jesse Reiser, Neil Denari, Lebbeus Woods, Mehrdad Yazdani, Félix Guattari, Greg Ulmer, Avital Ronell, Catherine Ingraham, Bob Somol, Atom Egoyan, Allucquere Roseanne Stone, Brian Jenkins, Tom Bonauro, Margo Chase, R/Greenberg, Rudi Vanderlans, Scott Makela, Rick Valicenti, David Carson, Barry Deck.

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