“‘Armenians in Egypt’ is a good book, helpful, deserving of our full commendation”.
Krikor Beledian
December 6, 2004
Paris, France
“Your book (‘Armenians in Egypt’) will be a precious gift from the Armenian Ambassador to all my Egyptian friends and foreign diplomats. The interest which has been raised by your wonderful book is immense. I am proud of having the opportunity to contribute to your tireless efforts in promoting Armenian heritage and history. I also thank God for bringing us together and making possible the meeting with a remarkable and distinguished personality like you. I and my family will always remember our meeting in Cairo and cherish our friendship.”
Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, South Africa and Morocco
Cairo, Egypt
“I gave the first copy of (‘Armenians in Egypt’) to a friend of mine, after reading through the first 60 pages of it and telling him all about it (he snatched it from me!) thank you very much for putting that wonderful book about our heritage together.”
Economist at Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund
Washington, D.C.
“Although there have been several books written on Armenians in Egypt in the past, this 241 page volume (‘Armenians in Egypt’), with its 55 illustrations of maps and portraits of prominent Armenian personalities, offers a unique perspective on Armenians and the Armenian community in the context of the sociopolitical reality of Egypt’s most interesting and pivotal periods of history. The book is a comprehensive study of not one but two coexisting and mutually nurturing societies that, although different in language, culture, and religion, managed to benefit and enrich one another.”
York University, Toronto, Canada
“Mrs. Zeitlian’s book ‘Armenians in Egypt’ opens new perspectives and wider horizons about the continued presence of Armenians in Egypt dating back to the middle Ages and provides heretofore unknown facts about Armenians’ pivotal contributions to the progress and development of Egypt”.
Dr. H. Arzoumanian
November 24, 2006
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“‘Armenians in Egypt’ brings new insight to the study of Armenians in Egypt. (…) The Author’s style is clear, communicative, and the book is a captivating read. (…) It’s an almost flawless book”.
Kevork Yazedjian
November, 2006
Yerevan, Armenia

“(‘Armenians in Egypt’ is) A monumental work! Bravo.”
Parsegh Kartalian
December 7, 2004
Los Angeles, CA

“You deserve to be very proud, for (‘Armenians in Egypt’) is a significant accomplishment and an important addition to the body of literature on the Armenian people. Our congratulations.”
Northridge, California
“What emerges from this unique book (‘Armenians in Egypt’) above all is the important contribution Armenians made to their host country, without losing their culture or sense of identity. Their sense of community was strengthened by the various relief efforts they organized for fellow Armenians in the Homeland.
Some of the facts in this book are little known, which makes it an interesting read, not only for Armenians who have lived in Egypt, but also for anyone with a penchant for history and the study of diasporan societies.”
London, England

“(Armenians in Egypt:) I had never read and seen such a book until now. (…) This book should be deemed required reading material for students of Armenian History”
Herad Poladian
October 6, 2006
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

“(‘About Armenians in Egypt’) It is great this type of work is being done about our history. This is one of our best defenses of surviving as a modern people. Keep up the good work.”
Fowler, California

“I read (‘Armenians in Egypt’) in English and in Armenian, a well researched project and a great contribution in general for the history of the Armenian diaspora and in particular, for the history of Armenians in Egypt. Very few of us knew (and very little) while we were living in Egypt about the enormous contributions made by Armenians to Egypt’s political, cultural and social life throughout the centuries. Keep up the good work!”
Toronto, Canada

“In all honesty I had no idea to what extent Armenians had played a role in the life of Egypt. This important book (‘Armenians in Egypt’) will be a lovely addition to our home library.”
Paramus, New Jersey

“(…) Your excellent book (Sona Zeitlian’s Armenians in Egypt) was an enjoyable read, and a good and important source of information on Armenians as well as on Egypt. All your research and hard work has paid off. In general, Armenians are able to integrate with the host country without losing their special identity – unfortunately, they have had a great deal of practice! – and this came over most eloquently in your observations. You put into words what I have felt and experienced.”
August 1, 2006
Toronto, Ontario, Canada