Sarkis’s Publications

Title: THE SARKIS ZEITLIAN CASE (In Armenian and English)
Date of publication: First edition, 1993; Second expanded edition,1994.
HSZ Publications, Los Angeles.


Sarkis Zeitlian, member of Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Bureau, editor of its weekly publication Droshak, and director of the international ARF media network, was abducted in West Beirut, Lebanon, on March 28, 1985 and subsequently disappeared. Through his writings and political activism, Sarkis Zeitlian was the pacesetter of ARF’s national orientation, opposing concessionary policies toward the Soviet establishment in Armenia and advocating Armenia’s independent statehood. It was this firm stand that marked him as the communist regime’s “enemy” that had to be eliminated at a turning point in history, immediately preceding Armenia’s independence drive.
The book presents carefully gathered data and eye-witness accounts into an extensive investigative account tracing the accountability of individuals and government agencies involved in the abduction, as well as shedding light on the campaign of misinformation that aimed at shrouding the case in controversy.
The book is a moving and thought-provoking case study and a call to action to resolve the Sarkis Zeitlian case.


Title: THE WRITINGS OF SARKIS ZEITLIAN (Vol. I; In Armenian; Sponsored by a group of friends)
Date of Publication: 1995.
HSZ Publications, Los Angeles.


The introduction of this book traces the life of Sarkis Zeitlian from the village of Kheder Beg on the slopes of Musa Dagh in Turkey to Aindjar, Lebanon, then Jerusalem, back to Beirut, then on to Cairo, Egypt, and back to Lebanon, and gives an account of his achievements as an established national Armenian leader, community activist, advocate of Armenian rights in diasporan communities, editor, and educator.
The volume is a compilation of his published writings between 1973-1985, as well as unpublished work. They all reflect an independent and distinct Armenian national policy, crystallizing the ideology of the ARF as a commitment to the Armenians’ national liberation struggle and to a strong independent statehood. His work is also a critique of the “disease of leftism” or the radical leftist internationalism: he believed that socialism could only be understood in a national context, as a means to achieve liberation and attain social justice for the Armenian people.
This volume is an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the Armenian historical experience and maps out the orientation of Armenian national politics.

Sarkis Zeitlian’s Historic Public Address to the Armenian Freedom Fighters, Beirut, 1975.
This is a historic address, considered by many as Sarkis Zeitlian’s finest speech at a crucial time in the history of the Armenian diaspora.

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