(Biographical Notes)
Hraztan Zeitlian, AIA, is an award winning Architect and innovative Author and the founder of Hraztan Sarkis Zeitlian Publications.
The Son of Sarkis Zeitlian and Sona Zeitlian, Hraztan was born in Aindjar, Lebanon, and was educated at the Nshan Palandjian Armenian College and at the American University of Beirut. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbia University.

He published his first book of poetry “Ananoun Kirke” at age nineteen in Beirut.
Hraztan has written and published extensively on political and cultural issues.
His works include his book of experimental Armenian prose REH (1994) and “Political Writings: Toward the development of the Ideology of Independent Armenian Statehood” (1994). He has written numerous articles in the Diasporan Armenian medias, in addition to polemical interventions, lectures.
Hraztan has edited the critically acclaimed book of experimental Architecture, “Semiotext(e)/Architecture” (1992).
As an Architect, Hraztan Zeitlian has worked with Gensler, RTKL and Altoon+Porter, all firms with worldwide corporate Architecture expertise.
Hraztan’s Architecture and design work has been published in prominent design magazines worldwide, including in Architectural Record, Architecture magazine, Interiors magazine, Contract Design magazine, Architectural Lighting magazine, etc.
Hraztan Zeitlian has won a number of Architecture awards, including Architectural Record award (1997), LA City/LA Forum award (1994).
Hraztan’s approach to design is highly contemporary and technology driven. His designs are inspired by the emerging technologies of communications and media.
Hraztan Zeitlian is a licensed Architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects. Hraztan Zeitlian is currently Director of Design and Principal at WWCOT Architects in Santa Monica, California. Hraztan is also founder and president of Struere, a multi-faceted design consultancy.

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